Genesis WordPress Themes

There are lots of WordPress themes out there that offers what you need. You can also find numbers of WordPress theme developers who sell WordPress themes. At first, I used the free themes in all my sites. However, I tried to weigh the benefits of having a premium theme, a theme that will cost something yet can give the flexibility and the best look that you will want to have.
But when we talk about premium themes, there are only two themes that I trust to deliver the best, Woothemes and Genesis Themes. Let’s talk first about Woothemes. Wootheme Logo

Woothemes is the easiest theme to customize among all that I have used. Once installed in your WordPress site, you will see so many options embedded in your dashboard. If you are not a websavvy guy, this is probably the best choice for you. It’s easy to install header, favicon, tracking codes, customize typography, slider, etc.